Member FAQs

Q:  If I am a member of National SHRM, am I a member of MT|SHRM?
A:  No.  Dues for membership in local chapters is not included with your national membership.

Q:  How is membership in MT|SHRM different from membership in National SHRM?
A:  MT|SHRM affiliates with National SHRM.  National SHRM offers research, white papers, national legislative updates, and national assistance to the chapters as well as their own educational conferences.  MT|SHRM offers regional programming, networking with local HR professionals, and opportunities to get involved in the local community utilizing your HR skills.  Each organization has a separate dues structure.  The memberships complement each other.  MT|SHRM highly recommends belonging to both.

Q:  Why are there 2 levels of annual dues?
A: National SHRM ( gives local chapters a rebate for each local member who is also a National SHRM member, and who designates our chapter, #0083, as their primary SHRM chapter.  Because of that, we offer a discount to those national members, and they pay $129 per year.
Local only members and SHRM members who have NOT designated our chapter as primary, pay $139 per year.  

Q:  What do the Board members do?  Are they paid?
A:  Your Board members volunteer their time to run the chapter. Each Board member chairs at least one of the chapter committees, and oversees other chapter volunteers. 
Some of the things they do are:

  • Keep track of MT|SHRM's finances
  • Develop programming for chapter meetings, after-hour events, and other professional development opportunities
  • Coordinate study groups
  • Assist in developing communication for members about upcoming events, chapter & HR news
  • Procure sponsors for our events
  • Coordinate logistics for all of our events
  • Oversee the chapter's workforce development initiatives    
  • Oversee the chapter's diversity initiatives
  • Assist student chapters, and more!

Q:  How do I get involved in MT|SHRM?
A:  To get involved with MT|SHRM please contact  Erin Van Nol

Q:  Does MT|SHRM have anyone on staff?
A:  Yes.  MT|SHRM has an Executive Director, Art Smith, SPHR, CCP, CAE and a Chapter Management Professional, Shannan Duggin, who help with the daily administration of the chapter.

Q:  Can I suggest a topic for an upcoming meeting?
A:  Absolutely!  MT|SHRM loves to hear from our members on how we can best serve them.  To suggest programming ideas please contact Chris Nichols or Daniel Risen, Programs Co-Directors at [email protected] or [email protected].

Q: How many events can I attend?
A: Members may attend as many events as they choose. Each month there are 4-5 monthly membership meetings, and if there are different programs you may want to attend more than one. There are also after hours educational events, member networking events, career/transition meetings, and a variety of conferences each year.

Q: What kind of committee/volunteer opportunities are there in MT|SHRM?
A: You may choose to participate in activities related to the chapter, such as finance or membership, or you can choose activities that reach more broadly, such as leadership development, college relations, or community involvement. For a full list of opportunities, please check out our Volunteer's page by clicking here.

Q: How long do I have to be a member before I can serve on a committee?
A: There is not a waiting period. If you are interested in serving, please contact Erin Van Mol

Q: Can I volunteer for more than one committee?
A: We encourage you to volunteer for the number of committees you feel you can personally contribute to during the year.

Q: How can I receive an invoice for membership dues?
A: You can receive a copy of your MT|SHRM invoice by emailing Shannan Duggin, our Chapter Administrator at [email protected].

Q: If I am a National SHRM member, am I also a MT|SHRM member?
A: No, you are not automatically a member of MT|SHRM if you are a member of National SHRM.

Q: Does designating MT|SHRM as my primary chapter provide me a National Membership as well?
A: No, this simply is a way for SHRM National to identify its members regionally, but does not automatically provide membership to SHRM National.  If you are interested in becoming a SHRM National member or have questions about membership with SHRM National, please click here.

Q: Is there a Corporate MT|SHRM membership rate?
A: Yes, companies paying for 5+ members are all eligible for discounted rates under our Corporate Discount Program. To learn more about this program, click the following link Member Types and Dues Rates

Q: What is HR360 and how do I access it?
Middle Tennessee SHRM is constantly searching for value-added services that may assist our members in running their department and business. To that end, we have partnered with HR360 to deliver a state-of-the-art human resources library for our Professional members. In many ways, HR360 acts as an 'Online HR Department,' providing your company with the most current, federal and state employment laws, as well as a complete range of downloadable forms, posters, interactive HR tools and an employment lawyer-reviewed sample employee handbook. To access HR360, please visit