Call for Presentations - Now Open

The Middle Tennessee SHRM Programs, Legal Education and Professional Development committees invite members of our business community, academic scholars, subject matter experts as well as professional and associate members to share their experiences and best practices with MT|SHRM members. Click here to complete the Call for Presentations form.

The following focus areas are of particular interest to our members:  Business Acumen & Management
• Employee Relations
• Employment Law & Legislation
• Talent Management & Acquisition
• Benefits
• Compensation & HRIS
• Mergers & Acquisition
• Diversity & Inclusion
• Global HR
• Employee Wellbeing

Important Information

All presentations, whether delivered in person or via webinar, must be able to qualify for Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) credit in General, Strategic or Global HR. Strategic Business Management credit is most highly desired by our membership as is given first opportunity for presentations. We will prepare and submit your presentation for HRCI credit once accepted by the Programs Committee, and more information on accreditation can be found at

Our members particularly like to hear from C-Suite practitioners. We recommend including a C-Suite level speaker if you are willing to conduct your presentation as a panel discussion—particularly for workshops. You do not have to confirm all panelists prior to submitting your presentation. If your session is selected you can form your panel based on speaker schedules. When submitting your presentation, please check the box that you would be willing to conduct this presentation as a panel discussion and would be responsible for securing panelists if requested to do so.

Content Areas & Suggested Topics*

Business Acumen & Management
• Fundamental financial literacy for HR
• HR budgeting best practices/techniques
• HR metrics and organizational performance – beyond metrics to analytics
• Organizational influence/persuasion
• Techniques for better understanding how business works
• Linking behavior and financial outcomes
• Understanding how personality traits impact decision-making
• Branding HR internally
• Marketing/positioning HR internally
• Strategy development techniques
• Functional business planning practices
• Enhancing HR’s credibility through HR Vision/Mission/Value development
• Economy and how it impacts HR
• Futuristic trends in HR/Jobs of the Future
• Ethical Leadership
• What does the C-Suite need from HR

Employment Law and Legislation
• Employment / Labor Law
• Legislation (State & Federal)
• Labor Relations
• Employee Rights
• Mediation / Arbitration
• Immigration & I-9/ E-verify
• Investigations
• Conflict management
• EEOC compliance programs
• Employee policies & procedures / employee handbook
• OSHA enforcement
• Non-competes
• WARN Act
• Labor laws in various countries
• Healthcare update – Nationally & Georgia specifically
• The Jobs Bill
• Sexual Harassment
• Severance policies & agreements

Talent Acquisition & Management
• Organizational Development
• Onboarding
• Leadership Development
• Generational Gaps
• Succession Planning
• Training Activities
• Management Trainee Programs
• Developing talent without a budget
• Coaching/Executive Coaching
• Assessments
• Employee Surveys
• Tough conversations
• High potential programs
• Using the Nine Box
• Mentorship programs
• Progressive discipline/Corrective Action
• Performance Management
• Workforce Planning
• Developing High Potential Employees
• Knowledge Transfer
• Recruitment sources
• In-house career transition assistance

Employee Relations
• NLRB Activities and Updates
• The NLRA and non-Union employers
• Team Building/Effective teams
• Interaction of employees and supervisors
• Negotiation Skills
• Consensus Building
• Grievance resolution
• Employee interactions
• Employee Engagement
• Policy development
• Resolution of workplace differences
• Social Interactions in the workplace
• Solutions that support organizational goals
• Codes of Conduct
• Accommodation of employee differences
• Skills for successful leadership/resolution of employee relations matters
• Conflict Management
• Organization Communication Methods
• Creating a Positive work space
• Building/maintaining employee morale
• Off boarding and managing transition
• Change management
• Reduction in force tactics
• Managing emotions during periods of transition (EAPs)
• Culture
• Employee surveys and assessments
Compensation & Benefits
Are your company’s benefits competitive?

• Understanding Total Compensation
• Executive Compensation
• Incentives without a cost
• Variable pay tactics & programs
• Retirement
• Pay for performance
• Managing workers comp
• Health Care and the ACA
• Business Case for preventative health benefit design
• Consumer driven Health care programs
• Voluntary Benefits as a Recruiting/Retention Tool
• Rewards & Recognition
• Financial planning
• Flexible work environments
• Incentivizing your Workforce in a Down Economy
Employee Wellbeing
• Employee Engagement in Wellness

• Dealing with stress and anxiety in the workplace
• Organizational culture and wellness
• The healing role of laughter in the workplace
• Employee fitness & exercise classes
• Wellness as a business strategy
• ROI of wellness
• Wellness coaching
• Outcome-based Incentives
• The role of nutrition & exercise in wellness
• Workplace physical, emotional and spiritual health
• Technology & wellness
• Sustainable behavioral change
• Communicating wellness
• Wellness design and implementation
• Measuring wellness success
• Disease management
• Strategies for implementing wellness

Diversity & Inclusion
• Challenges of Global Leadership
• Culture & Change Management
• HR’s role in global expansion
• Non-traditional talent pools
• Military support
• Innovative partnerships with community groups
• Cross cultural
• Diversity in thinking (Global)
• Diversity at the C-Suite Level
• Managing the Generations
• Religion in the Workplace

Global HR
• Managing a Global Workforce
• Global Sales Expansion
• Talent Selection – Local or ex-pat
• Relocation
• Overseas Assignments




*With special thanks to SHRM-Atlanta for many of these suggested topics.

Speaker Benefits

If your presentation is selected, you will have:
• The opportunity to share your expertise and experience
• The ability to enhance your professional creditability while serving the profession
• Recognition in MT|SHRM promotional and event materials reaching 4,100+ professionals in Middle Tennessee
• Recognition on MT|SHRM website (
Please note that MT|SHRM does not pay speaker fees or honorariums. However, we make a charitable contribution to the speaker’s charity of choice. Travel costs are reimbursed on a case-by-case basis and are approved in advance.

Selection Process

You may be contacted at various times throughout the year depending on what program you will be selected to present for. MT|SHRM has many events each year and we look for a variety of speakers for our programming.

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Nichols or Daniel Risen at [email protected] or [email protected].