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ICFTN Webinar

June 10, 2019
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
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Please note this event is neither hosted nor facilitate by MT|SHRM.
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Creating a More Confident Coaching Practice by Enhancing Your Ethical Awareness
Presented by Sue MacMahon, PCC

The goal of this session is to provide information about ICF ethics and the nature of the CF Ethics Independent Review Board (IRB)'s work, so that participants will become more ethically mindful of their own practice and develop greater confidence in their coaching because of this new scope of awareness. 

Many coaches are not even aware that there is an Ethical Conduct Review (ECR) peer review process designed to uphold professional standards of coaching. The IRB allows a space and opportunity for consumers of coaching to voice their concerns and the ability to submit a formal complaint for review. Providing a follow-up to complaints the IRB utilizes a peer review process, an objective investigation that may lead to non-punitive remedial actions if a breach had been determined. This process offers consumers of coaching services an opportunity to gain greater confidence in the expectation for ethical behavior and integrity, not only by ICF coaches but also by the entire coaching profession. Further, this process provides the general public assurance that ICF has a viable method for self-regulation. 

As the current chair of the ICF Ethics IRB, Sue knows all too well, the critical nature of this work. The reputation and livelihood of a coach or training school may be significantly impacted simply by an allegation of a violation, whether it is determined to be valid or not. Over the years, Sue has observed more times than not, that coaches involved in this complaint process were simply unaware of any wrongdoing at the time. 

In this webinar, attendees will:

  1. Become familiar with the ethics and regulatory mechanisms in ICF
  2. Clearly understand the objectives of the IRB and ECR process
  3. Understand the application of the Code of Ethics to complaints
  4. Discover the most common breaches by ICF coaches
  5. Understand the nature and scope of remedial actions and sanctions