Student Member Application

 Government (Federal, State or Local)

Are you interested in participating in the MT|SHRM Mentor Program?

If you would like to participate in the MT|SHRM mentor program please read the following instructions carefully before proceeding.

1. Applications for Membership and participation in the MT|SHRM Mentor Program are completely separate.  Completing one application, does not automatically enroll you for both!  It is necessary to complete a Member application in order to become a Student Member of MT|SHRM.  However participation in the MT|SHRM Mentor Program is completly optional and is not required to be a Student member of MT|SHRM. If you do not wish to participate in the Mentor Program, it is not necessary to complete the 2nd application for the MT|SHRM Mentor Program, and you may proceed to step 2.

Click the link below to open the Mentee application in a new window.

2. Please remember to enter the Captcha text in the box below and click 'Submit" in order to complete your Student Membership application and submit payment online. If you will be paying by check, click the 'Bypass Payment' option. Please be aware that memberships will not be activated until payment has been received. If after you submit your Membership application online you decide you would like to become a Mentee, you may access the Mentee application link separately by clicking on the College Relations tab under the Professional Development heading.



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