Small Business Owner Membership Application

Dear Applicant,
The information collected in this membership application is meant to satify the requirements of both MT|SHRM and national SHRM.  Because our systems are set up differently, and the information collected for each entity is not necessarily the same, some questions may seem like duplicates or appear to be redundant.  We request that you complete the profile in its entirety so that both MT|SHRM's and national SHRM's databases may be accurate and complete.  Thank you.

 Current HR Exempt
 Current HR Non-Exempt
 EEO/Affirmative Action/Diversity
 Employee Relations
 International HR
 Legal/Labor/Industrial Relations
 None selected
 Organizational Development

Terms of Use Statement

We take our members privacy very seriously.

Members may ONLY use the information in the membership directory for the sole limited purpose of individual one-to-one professional networking with other members.

It is a violation of Middle TN SHRM membership policy to use, copy, download, transfer, share or in any format or manner retain information in this database for any other purpose including, but not limited to, prospecting, selling, soliciting business, conducting surveys, blogging, posting job openings or notification of open positions, sending blanket networking emails or any other type of blanket email to the entire database or any subset of the database.

Any unauthorized use of this database and/or violation of this policy will result in immediate and permanent loss of membership and/or legal action.

By submitting this application for membership, you agree with the above Terms of Use and affirm that you will not use this membership database for any purpose other than individual one-to-one professional networking.

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